Thursday, August 2, 2012


We are pleased to introduce a brand new skill into the Edara Core Rulebook: Hunting.

Hunting, which is a Wits-Relevant skill, is used to track down your prey. It contains the specializations Information Gathering, Tracking, and Manhunting.

Information Gathering; Use your keen detection skills to absorb every detail and listen in to every conversation in order to piece together missing information.

Tracking: Stalk your prey through wilderness environments with deadly skill. Catch them unawares for a surprise attack.

Manhunting: Whatever seedy tavern or brothel that your target calls a hideout will not be enough to keep them safe. Using an incredible amount of wits, deduce patterns and track down your enemies in crowded urban environments.

This brings Edara's skill total up to 19 skills, with over 50 unique specializations!

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