The World

The Creation of Edara

Edaran legend tells of five great immortal Primarchs drawn from the heart of Edara itself by the Creator. These Primarchs were tasked with creating the world and were given control over various aspects of Edara's aura; each linked to a different element.

Ignis, the Primarch of the Red Band harnessed the power of Fire and used it forge the world itself.
Sylva, the Primarch of the Green Band was granted the element of Life, which she used to grow the Forests of Edara and fill them with life.
Oceanicus, the Primarch of the Blue Band, utilized the powers of Water to create the Rivers and Oceans.
Angelus, the Primarch of the White Band, was handed the power of Light and tasked to balance the Cycle of Life and Death.
Mortis, the Primarch of the Black Band, uses the growing powers of Darkness to counter Angelus and guide souls to Abyssum, the afterlife.

After creating the world, the Primarchs vanished without a trace. The only legacy they left behind came in the form of Bands. Loose collections of mortals had gathered together to learn the Primarch's teachings. They Banded together under that Primarch's lead and tattooed designs of their Band's color onto their faces. These teachings were then passed down from generation to generation within those Bands.

A Climate of War

With the disappearance of the Primarchs, the Mortal Races were left to fend for themselves. They began to separate and become distant from each other. Each Race would claim a realm, and they hardly ventured outside their borders. As the years turned into centuries, and thousands of cycles had passed, the Primarchs had would only be found in legends. There were some that still believed and approached their Bands with a religious fervor. This was mostly commonly found in the White and Black Bands, who had always looked to their Primarchs with a religious reverence.  

The number who truly believed in the existence of the Primarchs was dwindling. And the true believers who expected the Primarchs to return at any given moment were left with crushing disappointment. The religious leaders of the White Band began to pour over the Book of Angels, looking for any reason for this abandonment. When the Archons began to appear, in the form of White and Black, everything changed. The Archons were creatures from legend: manifestations of the Primarch's power that supposedly vanished when the Primarchs did. It quickly became clear that the opposing Archons were at war. Dubbed "Angels" and "Demons" by the Mortals, religious leaders took this battle as a sign. They concluded that Angelus and Mortis were at War and the the rest of the Primarchs had fled to avoid the conflict. This caused a fissure to split between the White and Black Bands. The poisonous cloud of doubt and paranoia choked the land. The borders between Realms that had been strenuous at best were now locked down for good. Throughout each Realm, the Black and White Bands continued to terrorize each other, sometimes leading to all out warfare.

The conflict, colloquially known as "The Primarch's War," raged for centuries. The Angels and Demons fought alongside the mortals in an attempt to destroy each other. It appeared as if they would succeed. The world was crippled by this conflict, and Edara entered into a dark age.

The Steampunk Renaissance 

With the discovery of Steam Technology, all of this changed. Suddenly, there was hope. In the midst of a heated battle between the Black and White Band, with allies on either side and Angels and Demons within their ranks, a meteor collided with the surface of Edara, ending the battle immediately. Some would later say they could see the figures of Angelus and Mortis fighting with the smoke that consumed the battlefield.When the haze cleared, the Archons had vanished and the armies of the Black and White Bands were decimated and were forced to retreat. 

Hidden within the meteor was a new element, chalky and black, but when burned created a powerful blast of steam. This was the birth of Steam Technology.  Green Band Inventors and Red Band Engineers went to work post haste, harnessing that power and creating Gadgets to make life easier.Their vision of the future was suddenly possible do to this new power. At the same time, the Diplomats, a sect of the White Band who sought to promote peace, began to spread their message, asking their brethren to lay down arms.  

Using new steam-powered inventions and machinery  roadways were built to connect cities that had never been connected. The first Cross-Realm railroad was completed and steam powered Zeppelins now roam the skies.Fifty years after the discovery of the Element, the world is smaller than it once was. The Bands have signed the "Treatise of Peace" and the borders between Realms are beginning to open for the first time in centuries. This has allowed for an exchange of ideas and culture that had long since been forgotten. Now the focus is on the inventors, artists, and musicians who are slowly removing the blanket of fear from Edara. The Renaissance has come to Edara, and the world is ready to explore.

Welcome to Edara. Where will your journey begin? 


  1. Is this about magic or steam? Is steam magic?

  2. This needs updating :) But its about both. Its about the clashing of magic based society with industrial technology. It is about both. Magic can not do everything. In fact, its fairly limited with what it can do. Every magician can only work with the element in which they are banded. Steam powers the technology that moves the world into the future.