The Bands

The teachings of Edara's Five Primarchs live on through their Bands. Each Band contains secrets said to date back to the Primarchs themselves. Some mortals join Bands because of a religious belief in their Primarchs. Some join because it is their Race's tradition to join a Band. Others join because they yearn for the secret techniques contained in the Band's code-books. 

Edara is a classless system. Character creation is done in a free form manner where points from a pool are spent in the categories that the player feels most important. Each character will chose a Band to follow and then gain access to that Band's Ability Trees. From there, players can choose from a variety of different options and special abilities to make their characters unique.

Green Band

Those who take on the mantle of the Green Band act as representatives of the Primarch Sylva, the Caretaker of Life. They act as Shepherds, Naturalists, Scouts, Botinists, and Grove Guardians.

Green Band Trees: 
Wrath: Those who follow the tree of Wrath gain access to the horrible destructive powers found in nature. Abilities like Devestate and Rampage let your character's wild instincts take over as he becomes a monster on the battlefied.
Beast: Allies of the Beast Tree are seen often with an animal companion. Mortal and animal fight as one and, as they both gain more power, the mortal begins to evolve into something more through Xenomutation.
Lifecraft: Those who practice Lifecraft are those most in touch with the energy that flows through every living thing. They are the most directly connected to Edara's Aura and use this power to control nature while healing and supporting their allies.
Scout: Adventurers of the Scout Tree are the frontiersmen of Edara. They are the rangers, the pathfinders, and the hunters. They know the land better than anyone and rarely find themselves lost or without a meal in their bellies.

Character Examples:
Using combinations of the Green Band trees will result in characters like Rangers, Druids, Barbarians, and Shapeshifters.

Red Band
The fiery warriors of the Primarch Ignis, "The World Forger" are marked with red tattoos and share a love of combat. Like the weapons they wield, they become forged in the flames of battle and emerge from the smoke and ashes as warriors of legends.

Red Band Trees:
Speed: Use the speed tree to make your character faster than everyone else. Strike multiple times and move around the battlefield, while fighting enemy after enemy.
Power: Those of the Power tree believe in quality over quantity. When they strike, they strike hard, and when making use of abilities such as Powerhouse and Crush they can clear and entire group with only a few strikes.
Precision: Seemingly in contrast to the Power Tree, those who take Precision think first and strike later. They time their attacks perfectly using abilities like Aim and Perfection to score perfect critical hits. Those who combine Precision and Power are truly to be feared.
Shotcraft: Auramancers who practice Shotcraft have learned to channel the powerful element of Fire into devastating magics. Using their custom pistols, these gun mages fire more than bullets. They control the battlefield from afar.

Character Examples:
By following the Red Band you can create characters like Soldiers, Gun Mages, Fencers, and Athletes

White Band
Legend says that the Primarch Angelus was tasked with protecting mortals who's time was not at an end. Keeping to this sacred duty, the followers of the White Band are by far the most religious of all Edarans. Their trees were designed to protect allies and stop creatures of the Shadow. 

White Band Trees:
Lightcraft: By channeling the Element of Light into Auramancing, these casters have perfected the art of healing. Beyond that, Lightcraft is effective at supporting teammates and driving back creatures of pure evil, such as the undead.
Benediction: Utilizing prayer as a weapon, those who practice Benediction are able to gain holy blessings from the land itself. By casting Auras around themselves, they can offer buffs to their close teammates. 
Protection: These warriors of the light wear Angelus' magic like armor. Their Juggernaut and Bastion abilities allow them to soak up large amounts of damage, while their Sacrifice ability allows them to take the hit for their party members. 
Diplomacy: Edara's diplomats are both respected and revered. By using diplomacy alongside, or instead of, combat, the diplomat can work their way out of any tense situation. 

Character Examples: 
Using the White Band trees, you can create characters like Priests, Clerics, Paladins, and Inquisitors. 

Black Band
Opposing Angelus and his White Band stands Mortis, Primarch of the Black Band. Those of the Black Band act as caretakers of the dead. Across all cultures, the Black Band act as representatives of Death, who help ferry mortals from this life to the next.

Black Band Trees:
Shadowcraft: Auramancers of the Black Band have access to Shadow spells, perfectly suited for causing an agonizing death to the Black Band's opposition.
Bloodcraft: As a very special version of Auramancy, Bloodcraft is considered highly dangerous. Its powerful spells require the caster's own blood to cast the spell.
Necromancy: White not necessarily evil, Necromancers tend to present an air of darkness wherever they walk. In their wake, armies of the dead rise to fight by their side.
Treachery: This tree is the epitome of dealing death. Every ability in this tree is tailored to striking from the shadows and vanishing again before your opponent can even react.

Character Examples: 
Within the Black Band tress you can create characters such as Shadow Priests, Assassins, Necromancers, and 

Blue Band
The founding Primarch of the Blue Band, Oceanicus, had a deeply rooted love of Magic. Because of this, his followers were handed down the secrets of controlling Edara's Aura. They became some of the most renowned and powerful Auramancers in all of Edara.

Blue Band Trees:
Mindcraft: Auramancers who work their way down the Mindcraft tree learn powerful hallucinatory magics and gain the ability to affect the minds of citizens around them.
Dragon: No Auramancer is complete without a familiar, and the Dragon tree grants that with a familiar in the shape of a young Dragon, which levels up alongside its master.
Spellcraft: The Spellcraft Tree contains all of the classic spells considered synonymous with an RPG spell-slinger.
Battlecraft: This melee tree relies on a magical blade created by the caster and a spell list focused primarily on combat.

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  1. Is the constant struggle (polemos) or strife between the gods life affirming or simply destructive, perhaps both? What is the relationship between the five gods and the (non)named Nameless-One? Also, why do they need steam if they have magical abilities?