Monday, July 16, 2012

Looking for Art

Finding artists willing to participate in any project is very difficult. First they have to be willing to put in the time to get familiar with the style of the universe, then take the time to draw and color it, and then post it in hopes its liked well enough to be included and purchased. Art is a lot of work. So, from an artists perspective, what is a good incentive to show off artwork in hopes it would get chosen for publication?

Also, I've always wondered this, if you commission artwork for a project and the artwork is not what you expected it to turn out like, or it does not fit with the universe or the art style you're looking for, how acceptable is it to ask for them to do it over? I've never encountered this but often wondered what you would do in that situation. Probably the number one reason I haven't commissioned tons of artwork just to get started. I'd like to see it before I pay for it.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Social Media!

Edara now has a Deviantart Project Page and a Facebook Page 

So go check those out! Twitter and other such media outlets will follow in the future...

Edara Logo Competition!

Edara is in serious need of an updated logo! Our stock logo can only get us so far. Therefore we are holding a design competition for an Edara logo! The logo should capture the Steampunk flavor of the world that Edara inhabits. If you are talented enough to somehow work in more detail about the world or the bands, that will increase your chances of winning.

The winner's logo will be used on this blog, throughout the Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance Core Rulebook, and appear on the character sheet as well as all promotional materials. Not only will this look great in your portfolio and on your resume, you will also be compensated for your design!

Those who design the best logos may even be commissioned to do further artwork for the Edara Project.

Thank You!

Submission Guidelines:
Submit your artwork as a .jpg file to Winners will be contacted and announced within a week of the competition's end.


Welcome to the World of Edara! The blog is now up in lieu of our official website, which will be coming down the line! Editing is almost finished on the Edara: A Steampunk Renaissance Core Rulebook and alpha testing has already begun.

Everyone on the team is very excited to work on this project. Keep an eye on our blog for more information about the game and day-to-day updates!